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    You want a stronger business and a vibrant company culture. We want to help you using a proven, science-based approach. While there are a number of players in the employee engagement space full of tactical advice on what you should do, few understand why the tactics work at a neurological level. Organizations already rely on science in almost every aspect of their business - finance, marketing, production, R&D.


    Now is the time to bring science into the discussion of what governs human behavior in the workplace.



    As humans, our most compelling need is for connection. Several decades of clinical research and recent discoveries in neuroscience converge to create a clear picture of a species biologically driven to work together, share the load and leverage safe and secure connections for mutual benefit. Neuroscientist Dr. James Coan’s social baseline theory points out how those who socialized in clans, groups and tribes had significantly higher rates of survival and how that reality has shaped the brain’s hardwiring.


    The workplace is the primary tribe of the 21st century and E3 Solutions helps clients create organizational cultures where employees thrive by design.


    This is precisely why it is vital for organizational leaders to create and sustain workplace cultures that drive employee engagement. This isn’t about tactics to make employees happy (the focus of many engagement programs); it is about creating alignment of the workplace with the hardwired expectations and needs of the brain that allows individuals to perform at their highest capacity.




    You need reliable solutions that get the job done. You want clarity on the deliverables, excellent execution, and real, measurable progress. We know how to get the job done without glitches, hidden obligations or hours of your time. Average leaders let things happen; great leaders make things happen. Let us help you deliver world-class leadership on employee engagement.



    You are responsible for a broad range of deliverables for the enterprise and you can’t be an expert on each one. Smart leaders reach out for the best help available and when it comes to best-in-science solutions for building high-performance cultures where employees are engaged, the E3 Solutions team is the perfect resource. We want to make you look brilliant



    HR issues related to compliance and compensation are full-time tasks that make it harder to focus as much as you would like on your organization’s culture. Getting the attention of senior leadership can be challenging so having recognized experts deliver top-notch workshops and keynotes helps you get the buy-in you need to make real progress. Let us make your job easier.


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